Wooden bow - history, manufacture and usage

Tuomo Reiniaho

Hi! I am writing the first comprehensive book about primitive wooden bows in the Finnish language. The name of the book will be in Finnish "Puujousi", which means wooden bow or selfbow. Subtitles will be history, manufacture and usage. The book discloses almost every aspect of primitive and modern wooden bows. For example, history from ancient times to the present, making selfbows, sinew-backed bow, bamboo laminates, composites, shooting techniques, competitions, arrows, arrow making, tuning, gadgets, et cetera.

There will be plenty to do still. I hope that the book will be published in 2018. The book will be hardback, full colour and there will be about 600-700 pages. It is impossible to make this kind of huge project alone, because even I do not know everything... So, it has been great that many experienced and famous bowyers and archers all around the world have already helped me.

If you have ideas, suggestions or something else you think could help, it would be great. I really appreciate every kind of help!

You can contact me by e-mail.

Tuomo Reiniaho
puujousi (a) puujousi.fi